About Us

Borntenderbeef.com is one of the best farms operating from a long time. We have been growing fruits and vegetables using the safest methods and our fresh products are supplied to several parts of the country. We know that agriculture can be challenging as natural calamities can cause severe harm but we use the best technologies to save our farms.

We make sure that the fresh fruits and vegetables are delivered at the stores and marketplaces within 48 hours to maintain their freshness. We use the best storing facilities so that the nutritional content of the vegetables and fruits is not hampered. We also offer tours to the locals so that they can come and have a view of how farming or reaping of crops is done. If they are interested, they can also have an experience of handpicking the strawberries and other fruits. This is really fun.

You can surely call us to book a visit or discuss your needs with us.

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